Welche Fachkräfte braucht die Jugendhilfe? (German Edition)

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Proceedings, , S. Alle Publikationen bis Februar Handbuch zum kreativen digitalen Gestalten" Zorn, I. Bosse, I. Handbuch Inklusion und Medienbildung. Weinheim [u. Big Data und Medienbildung - Was tun? Workshop, zusammen mit Jun. Sandra Assmann, Valentin Dander, Dr.


Harald Gapski, Prof. All activities will be lead by an international team of facilitators with experiences in non formal education activities, youth policies, sustainable development, communication, intercultural learning and in management of international youth projects. The idea is to exploit the human resources within the partner organisations and find together the best solution to manage the activities.

Die Projekt-Ergebnisse werden durch kreative Wege gezeigt werden, wie zB. Comic, Theater, Multimedia, und Audio. Die Begegnung wird in zwei Teilen aufgeteilt werden.

Origine du prénom Séréna (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

Der erster Teil wird in Pancevo, Serbien abgehalten werden. Warum diskriminieren wir andere?

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Das sind die wichtigste Fragen auf die wir uns konzentrieren wollen. Der zweite Teil wird in Oybin, Deutschland stattfinden. Context Youth Centres are representing an important source of socio — cultural and environmental projects and they are physical open spaces where young people are interacting with their peers and looking for access to rights social, civil, environmental and participation to community life.

Methodology We will be working within the frame of non-formal education, focussing on the aspects related to creativity and inclusion. We will pay particular attention to the learning needs of the participants, giving them the all the possible opportunities to express themselves freely and to be actively involved in the process of personal and collective growth. All activities will be lead by an international team of facilitators, with experience in non formal educational activities, youth policies, intercultural learning and the management of international youth projects.

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They will provide the possibility for all the participants to share experiences, explore new skills, create awareness of issues and practical and visible results to facilitate the empowerment of the youth and increase their social and cultural development and inclusion opportunities. Intro After the positive experiences reached through the previous projects realised in Italy under the framework of O.


The overall aim of the international seminar is to create a concrete platform of discussion and analyses among European organizations, associations and institutions able to support the work in both youth and environmental sectors within a common framework and a common strategy. The context of Fossacesia and Torino di Sangro and especially the Nature Reserve of Lecceta di Torino di Sangro are ones of the best we can offer in Abruzzo region for this kind of project and the diversity of the nature, the policies applied and crucial topic faced establishing of a National park, the presence of a Centre for Environmental Education could represent an interesting and fruitful playground to work, learn and practice the relationship and the interaction between human settlements and green areas.

In this relationship, the role of protagonist of young people is more and more growing assuming a characteristic of direct involvement and active participation. Proposal What we propose to you is the realisation of a 5 days seminar using methodologies of Non Formal Education Observe Rethink Act, learning by doing, peer education, sharing experiences, etc.

Each partner will be in charge to prepare one Study Case that will be presented during the seminar in the most interactive way workshop, exercise, role play, projections From this sharing part of single experiences, we will move to the establishment of a common platform of good and innovative practices, methodologies and actions to be applied in order to enhance inclusion and active participation of young people through the promotion and the use of green areas. A final session will be devoted to the possibilities of real application in both local and international levels of the new methods and activities identified.

All materials study cases, new methodologies, exercises, dynamics, actions will be collected and prepared in order to be published in a handbook that after the seminar will be printed and shared among the partners. An online version of the handbook will be available for a better and easier promotion and use.

Das Märchen vom Fachkräftemangel

As far as participants are concerned, each national delegation will be composed by 2 persons no age limit. Due to the activities foreseen, we strongly recommend and invite partners to identify their participants among those who have experience in methodological aspects, realising activities of education, inclusion, involvement with and for young people.

Priority should be given to those working in inclusive activities using green areas, environmental protection and sustainable development as main topics and tools.

Costs No costs for food and lodging. No participation fees. It will be hosted by Association Light. The training course has as main aim inspiring youth leaders and workers to develop competences and skills to use urban youth culture as tool for outreaching young people with fewer opportunities in order to increase their active role in the society on the issues of sustainable development. Non-formal education will be the methodology used during TC. We expect that participants will generate an experience of personal and professional growth with important development of competences and skills.

After they will be able to facilitate preparation and implementation of creative activities and projects on the topic of sustainable development.

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Die Projektergebnisse wurden in einer Videoplaylist zusammengefasst. Ja, es sind 2. Schon vor der Abschlussveranstaltung werdet Ihr bei denk! Die Abschlussveranstaltung folgt dann am Ihr verbringt die Freizeit miteinander, jamt, probt, nehmt im Tonstudio auf, gebt Konzerte, besucht Konzerte. Kurz es wird eine Zeit, die viel zu schnell vorbei gehen wird und ihr werdet viele neue Kontakte und Freundschaften haben. Welches es sein wird entscheidet wir gemeinsam!

Wir nutzen diese Erfahrung und laden auch jugendliche Teilnehmer des Projektes ein, um von ihren Erfahrungen zu berichten. Wir werden in drei Gruppen arbeiten, die die einzelnen Aspekte Partizipationsmethoden, praktische Hinweise und Organisation ausarbeiten. Dieses Training wird vom August organisiert. Auch im Jahr geht es wieder nach Italien.

Vom Und wieder wartet der Karneval auf uns. Wir wollen aber auch zum Nachdenken anregen. Welches Thema unser Auftritt hat und wie wir Wagen und Performance gestalten, entscheidet ihr. Diese Begegnung besteht nicht nur aus den zwei Treffen in Berlin und Pancevo. Die ersten Tage verbringen wir gemeinsam im Zittauer Gebirge. In Berlin werden wir dann in drei Gruppen an dem Ziel arbeiten, am Eine Gruppe wird ein Kunstwerk kreieren, dass das Thema Menschenrechte symbolisiert.

Dabei absolvierten sie 5 Auftritte. You'd like to study in Germany?

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You're interested in doing a PhD and are looking for an appropriate programme? Or you're wondering how you can finance your stay? We're happy to help you! The DAAD wishes to stay in contact with its former scholarship holders. The conclusion of a DAAD scholarship marks the beginning of an active, long-term cooperative partnership between the DAAD and its alumni, cultivated in alumni associations around the world.

We provide information and guidance on study, research and funding opportunities in Germany and Sub-Saharan Africa countries with a focus on East Africa. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries. The results will be presented in German only. Political scientist, German language expert and monkey lover Dr. Present your groundbreaking idea and win a trip to Berlin to the global finale in November. For environmentalist Gladys Mosomtai, excelling as a researcher is only one part of the story.