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Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi 8. Dette er, som man kan se av tittelen, en remixplate. Music club Quando l'impossibile non solo diventa probabile, ma pure reale. Formazione in grado di coniare un suono tradizionale in tutto e per tutto, ma al tempo stesso perfettamente attuale e carico di forza creativa.

Daemonia Nymphe intoxicates the senses with aged instrumentation, spoken words, deep chanting and a sultry and ritualistic sound, with the lyrics based on mythology. Sideline As an experiment Daemonia Nymphe were asked to provide samples of their handmade Ancient Greek instruments.

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The results were so exciting that front man Nikos Brass approached several artists, mainly from the electronic scene, such as Von Magnet, Beefcake and Mimetic Mute, to name just a few, to remix some of his tracks. And see how the mix of analogue and digital instruments could fuse into the rebirth of his songs. This remix album contains honest re-interpretations, each track keeping their spirit but interestingly flavoured by their remixers.

Though the originality resides in the fact that this is really a clash of both styles, and the electronics are far more present. ES:7 ES.

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The sound of the reproductions of ancient Greek instruments we use is extraordinary and could easily be used for contemporary music. This gave me the idea to approach musicians mostly from the electronic genre, so that our songs take a different form and re-birth, having a new result combining the ancient sounds with modern ones. All musicians who contribute to this work are some of our favourite, and each gives his own approach to our music, creating variety.

Their voices are combined with Latin chants by male voices and very rich and versatile music to which the bandwith of the musical spectrum stretches from pure medieval folk on to modern electronic interpretations. At other moments as a listener you find yourself watching a medieval tournament where heralds sound their horns. O Quam Tristis is a band that until now still is a relatively well kept musical secret outside the electronic medieval scene but this could change permanently with this album.

Musically speaking this album is better than the previous cd of Q Quam Tristis and therefore this is a recommendation to everyone that can relate to the above description. This is a lovely record!

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Review byTeknoir. Alleen met een gymnasiumdiploma kom je in de band, aangezien alle teksten in het Latijn zijn. De teksten, gezongen door zowel robuuste mannen en engelachtige vrouwen, zijn dan ook gebaseerd op liturgische en seculiere gedichten uit de Middeleeuwen. Anders is het gebruik van moderne elektronica naast de klassieke en oude instrumenten.

Zo zijn twee nummers haast dansbaar, terwijl het decor eeuwenoud is. Je zou het een moderne interpretatie van Middeleeuwse muziek kunnen noemen. Overigens is het op vele momenten ook heerlijk sereen en sacraal, ondanks de onderliggende beats. Een origineel album, vol onaardse schoonheid. Als Thy Violent Vanities opereren ze om die te vertolken middels liederen.

Ze gebruiken op Come To Dust een gelijksoortig instrumentarium als bij hun moederband, dat wil zeggen moderne en traditionele instrumenten. De zang, vaak meerstemmig, is dan ook een sterk onderdeel van de cd; zeker Liesbeth's heldere stem is een mooi aanvulling op die van de zware jongens.

Voor de zware stof die ze behandelen is het redelijk opgewekt en up-tempo. Desondanks zou je de muziek als dark folk kunnen bestempelen, maar dan van het soort dat het daglicht prima verdragen kan.


Chain D. While listening to O Quam Tristis I've been thrown back in the middle age. It's medieval folk with latin lyrics, if you're familiar with bands such as like Ataraxia, Qntal e Dead Can Dance "Aion" era you probably know what we're talking about. I like this album: it's solid, "focussed" but at the same time kinda heterogenous, it contains a various range of atmospheres. Palace of Worms describes this record as "a modern interpretation of medieval and ancient folk music" and after all it's the best possible definition for a work like that.

The most interesting thing of this release obviously is represented by the vocal parts gregorian chant have been a real turning point in the history of music since the male singers are good, but the female ones are even better. This' the third cd by O Quam Tristis and the band shows how maturity helps to refine the "modus operandi" in songwriting.

The funny thing is that while one may expect an epic record with a completely ethereal mood, "Mediationes ultimes" is full of mid-tempo "danceable" tracks Quoniam tu solus, Terrae for exemple.

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If you imagine a cd overwhelmed with evocative songs give it a chance since in the past some songs would have been a great soundtrack for a banquet. Review by: Andrea Ferraris. Come definire altrimenti l'incanto di tracce del calibro di "O Langueo" semplicemente irresistibile , "Quoniam Tu Solus" e "Confiteor", laddove l'incastro dei vocalizzi maschili e femminili, la perizia strumentale e la suggestione dei testi in latino ricreano scenari estatici di grande impatto emotivo.

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Un'opera eccellente, peraltro forte di un ottimo, evocativo artwork: la quintessenza del sentore 'gotico' abita sobriamente questi generosi solchi. But the main goal is still not to create "authentic" ancient music because the band is mixing old instruments such as mandolas, psaltry, dulcimer and recorders with traditional electric ones lying on electronic loops and rythm patterns. In the beginning, the songs were quite only using anonymous medieval liturgic lyrics Heathen Harvest When medieval music comes to mind images of dusty churches and Gregorian chants instantly spring into the imagination.

Personally I have a penchant for medieval instrumentation though I have often found the vocals and lyricism used by many medieval musicians to be overbearingly liturgical as they often invoke images of Christian religious ceremonies taking place under the vaulted ceilings of ancient European cathedrals. For the last decade the neoclassical music genre has been experiencing a small renaissance of Neo-Medieval music led by artists inspired by the music and culture of the middle ages.

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Musicians such as O Quam Tristis and The Soil bleeds Black have been working hard to bring an appreciation of medieval inspired music into our modern age. O Quam Tristis has entered this emerging music arena and firmly established themselves. This French ensemble comprised of five talented French musicians and vocalists have quickly made a name for themselves by offering listeners medieval inspired music that detours from the standard. Meditations Ultimes is O Quam Tristis third full length album and it sees the band coming to full maturity. Meditations Ultimes brings together fourteen medieval secular, liturgical and poetry inspired tracks in a very long album that is sure to satiate even the most demanding music listener.

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If O Quam Tristis simply regurgitated a handful of medieval liturgical songs I would not be writing this review right now. What makes the music of O Quam Tristis inspiring and engaging is the band reworking of original medieval material. Utilizing modern technology and their own unique creative sensibilities O Quam Tristis transforms the dated material they use for inspiration into modern compositions filled with new life and vitality.

From the ashes of the past the band is able to coax forth fiery and festive compositions created from a melding of modern and medieval influences. The combination of vocals and guitars is expertly paired.

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  5. After a brief passage bass guitar and violin join the composition accompanied by male vocals and backing female vocals. The song becomes dense with vocals and instrumentation that weave and intertwine flawlessly captivating the listener. The song transforms through moments of density to moments of open and airy instrumentation and solo singing allowing for a sense of development and a pause between denser moments in the composition. The rhythms are crisp and clean and roll out of the speakers with enthusiasm and precision.

    Synthesizers and bass guitar join the electronic rhythms contributing a rock and liturgical feeling to the composition. Female vocals descend upon the song interweaving and wavering in a spell binding chant. Male vocals join the music adding a counter balance to the feminine energy of the female vocalists and flushing out the song. As with previous songs the band moves the music through several different movements and passages holding the listeners interest and adding an element of intrigue as the listener waits to see what emerges next from the delicate maelstrom of music and chanting.

    O Quam Tristis leaves the biggest surprise for the last song. Of course the Latin chanting keeps the listener aware that this is no hippie band but rather the ever eclectic sound of O Quam Tristis. O Quam Tristis have proven themselves proficient in hybridizing rock, electronic, and medieval music into an innovative new sound that breathes life back into medieval music and manuscripts while simultaneously making scared the rather soulless domains of rock and electronic music.

    O Quam Tristis also excels in delivering outstanding vocal performances that accompany their music. So many Neo-Medieval bands rely solely upon lead female vocals that any given album loses the listeners interest after a handful of songs delivered by enchanting yet redundant female vocalists. O Quam Tristis has overcome this vocal obstacle by layering their song with multiple vocalists and utilizing the dynamics of feminine and masculine vocals in such a manner that inspires the listener and creates motivation and excitement.

    O Quam Tristis have mastered their art with Meditations Ultimes and have delivered an eloquent album of inspiring music. This, the third release from O Quam Tristis, continues the medieval folk chambers the band previously explored, yet with this album the band finds a more introspective and meditative aeries in their blend of electronic and medieval styles. The French compact of five adorn and interleave their music and talents with four of the group being vocalists and all wielding mastery of digital and analogue instruments.

    Inspired by secular medieval life and poetry O Quam Tristis distance their selves from the plethora of Christianized gothic medieval acts spicing up old sacred favourites and are further detached by the mesh of modern and centuries' old music. Stirring female vocals gliss gossamer under silvered orchestration proffering sinuous, popular interpretations of old melody in turn backed by the diversity of complimentary male and female vocal harmony. Electronic rhythms shuffle the listener's perception but the potent vocals permeate each track in polyphonic brocades, refined timbre of classically trained singers, like pagan incantations woven in the guise of reinvented folk.