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Six Books of Euclid Werner Oechslin. Book of Abstract Algebra Charles C. Basic Linear Algebra T. Conceptual Mathematics F. Mathematics A. Painless Pre-Algebra Amy Stahl. Linear Algebra David Poole. Linear Algebra Reg Allenby. The Mathematics of Lottery Catalin Barboianu. Galois Theory Emil Artin. Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications A. Commutative Algebra David Eisenbud. Galois Theory Ian Nicholas Stewart. Abstract Algebra David S. Introduction to Linear Algebra Gilbert Strang.

Boolean Algebra and Its Applications J. Table of contents Introduction; Part I. Familiar Vector Spaces: 1. Gaussian elimination; 2. A little geometry; 3. The algebra of square matrices; 4. The secret life of determinants; 5. Abstract vector spaces; 6. Linear maps from Fn to itself; 7. Distance preserving linear maps; 8. Diagonalisation for orthonormal bases; 9. Cartesian tensors; More on tensors; Part II.

General Vector Spaces: Spaces of linear maps; Polynomials in L U,U ; Vector spaces without distances; Vector spaces with distances; More distances; Quadratic forms and their relatives; Bibliography; Index. Review quote 'This book will be very useful for mathematics students. Also, mathematics teachers will find many clever ideas to transmit to students.

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Julio Benitez, Mathematical Reviews " Ha, Ryerson University for Choice Magazine show more. About T. Korner T. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Comparison of a Line and a Plane 3. Two Planes 4. Lines and Planes 5. Skew Lines 6. Projection Onto a Plane Index. This book will be of interest to both undergraduate and more advanced students of mathematics.

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Vectors, Pure and Applied : A General Introduction to Linear Algebra

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