Un musulmán infiltrado: El viaje de un hombre en busca de los secretos del islam (Spanish Edition)

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More broadly, lawmakers want the president to get more deeply engaged in cleaning up the VA. The administration is still awaiting a final IG report as well as the results of a separate internal review. Check out this inspiring profile in leadership from Sen. Tom Cotton, has called for Shinseki to step down and has accused Pryor of being silent on the issue. Mark Pryor participate in a discussion on raising college costs and student loans in Little Rock, Ark.

Meanwhile, the second highest-ranking Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer, is worried about how unionized federal employees might be inconvenienced by turbulence at the VA. No, seriously, he really said that. Also, only by holding the top people accountable can such bureaucratic nightmares be avoided. It should be necessary to explain this to any adult American, let alone an entire political Party.

All of them, all of them deserve better from the VA. The meeting comes amid widespread speculation that Shinseki could be fired by the president. Shinseki accepted some blame on Friday for the problems, saying he had been too trusting of subordinates. This is something I rarely encountered during 38 years in uniform.

I might go into it at greater length in another post today, but in brief, he just kept talking, and talking, and talking… until he went completely off the rails, characterizing the VA scandal as some sort of computer glitch caused by outmoded equipment, rather than the deliberate deletion of records by corrupt officials. And of course, Obama thinks the only real problem with the VA is that it needs more money.

No sooner did the news Shinseki had resigned his position at the VA did another resignation hit the airwaves, this time by the White House spokesperson Jay Carney. Some say Mike Rowe has the dirtiest job in America. Lying, day in and day out, is a pretty messy job too. The pundits and media and politicians all know this, and they use it to their advantage.

No doubt one of the toughest jobs in all of politics — let alone Washington. Lying to the American press and the American people not on a daily basis, but on an issue by issue basis, that has to wear a guy down. On the other hand, perhaps things are changing and too many are asking tough questions rather than simply being the good flock and taking the talking points to the streets by turning them into news stories?

I can only imagine how stressful a job it must have been. I think Jay has a little sliver of conscience left, although I imagine the rest is pretty calloused over or rotted through. But somehow a little prick must have gotten to what little tenderness was still exposed.

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With the Obama White House scandal tally possibly surpassing that of former President Bill Clinton, I think Carney could take no more and still sleep at night. Will Josh Earnest be as good and faithful a servant to the undermining of America? Will Josh Earnest be more or less forthcoming with the truths of all these scandals? President Obama says the buck stops with him.

That he takes full responsibility for all that goes on within his administration. Let us see what the next few weeks brings. Game over, Mr. At the end of the day, when we tally up the score, life serves up very few victims. Our veterans are surely victims of this administration and will always deserve the best we have to offer them rather than wasting millions on soccer stadiums at Gitmo for the enemy jihadist they were once fighting.

But it does have scads of volunteers — who refuse to see the signs or heed the warnings and walk into the buzz-saw of life, and then rely upon the compassion of others to pity them as victims. But truth be told.

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The biggest victim over the past six years of this Presidency was the truth. White House spokesman is no doubt a tough job, you must have a broad understanding of the administrations vision, current and past policy, as well as domestic and global issues.

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But what makes it almost impossible to do over the long haul, is when you have to do it by lying to the American people day in and day out, then go home and look at yourself in the mirror. Telling the truth should never be a difficult job. Check it out:. Is Trump, then, the man with the instincts and tenacity needed to succeed in the Oval Office? President Obama lost his cool with Alexis Simendinger, a reporter with Real Clear Politics, when she asked him about reports of the US sending people in to help train the rebels in Syria.

Sadly, our watchdog media does nothing to fix the problem. They simply continue to bow to the White House as if responding to the very call of God Himself. The media have become idol worshippers. The president has faced mounting calls from members of both parties to remove Shinseki. Shinseki suffered another blow on Friday when Rep.

Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill. Earlier Friday morning, Shinseki publicly apologized for the failures in the VA system, while stopping short of offering his resignation.

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With Kelly and Michael. Obama es como el mal medico que cuando se equivoca le echa tierra al asunto. Echarle la culpa a otro puede parecer inteligente, pero la culpabilidad siempre sale a flote tarde o temprano.

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Parece que el mide a todos por su persona. Alineamientos planetarios? The House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. His written testimony did not provide additional details. The White House said this week it asked Johnson to delay completing his review of deportation policies until the end of the summer.

Juan Washington. Moralmente han prostituido al Pueblo Cubano. No quiero referirme a nuestros hermanos? Hay algunas personas que dicen que hay que perdonar. Su tasa de mortalidad era de 5.

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En , Cuba contaba con una fuerza laboral de 2, La tasa de desempleo de esa fecha era del 7. As a select committee in the U. House attempts to find the truth about the terror attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya, U. Marines mission to help Americans evacuate.

The Libyan government has not been able to adequately build its military and police forces and improve security following the revolution. Staffing at the U. As for those citizens targeting Americans, the State Department indicated many have access to powerful military equipment and weaponry, including some devices that can effectively attack aircraft. Coinciding with the evacuation warning is an ongoing battle waged by Libyan Gen. Khalifa Hifter against Islamic operatives and supporters in the region.

Much more than documents.

The group, which has ties to terror organization Al Qaeda, has been linked to the attack on the U. Among the concerns expressed by secession proponents is a perceived lack of representation by state leaders. Residents of the rural, largely conservative northern counties complain their values are not embraced by the much more powerful leftist politicians elected in the more populous areas of the state.

In total, supporters of the initiative say 16 counties could ultimately join. Nearly a half million residents occupy the seven states that have either already voted or will be able to vote on the proposal within the next few weeks. The area of land represented by these counties is about twice the size of New Hampshire. Among those within these northern counties who remain opposed to the idea are members of the Del Norte County Board of Education.

Others simply feel existing issues could be better handled through other channels. According to Funk, however, the area has the resources to exist and thrive independently from California. We have unspoiled agricultural land. We would be the wealthy state if we were allowed to go back and use our natural resources ourselves. Daisy Ugalde Varela: Coincidence? The Clinton Body Bags. With Hillary making a run for President in , the legacy the Clintonistas have left is important for everyone to keep in mind.

Heaven help anyone who runs against her.