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The Future of International Law

Weaving together reportage and lyricism, the works on view blend images and sound into polyphonic, dreamlike compositions. Curated by Anderson himself, the exhibition presents the intricate sets that make up the city of Megasaki where the film is based, alongside the original puppets of the canine characters who live there. To mark the advent of the film, The Vinyl Factory also releases a special, limited edition four-track EP from the soundtrack, which will be available exclusively at The Store X from Tuesday 27th March for the duration of the show.

Vanderperre was born and raised in Belgium. Based in Antwerp, the city that became his home when he entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp to study fashion, he made the switch to photography while still at the college, seeing it as a more direct way to express his impulses in fashion.

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Nevertheless, his background in design has given him both an intuitive feel for clothing and an extensive knowledge of the design process. A new commission by Store X The Vinyl Factory, Ryoji Ikeda's will immersive audio-visual artwork is an unforgettable experience in which the artist converts data from music, sound, photo and video into monochrome binary patterns that are generated in real-time and envelop the viewer in a disorientating, highly-charged kinetic environment.


Originally premiered at this year's Venice Biennale, the minute film draws parallels between the experimental spiritual gatherings of the '70s and the effect-laden release of contemporary hedonistic subcultures. Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Supreme is the standout creative fashion partnership the year and LV has chosen The Store Studios, The Strand to open their pop up store from June 30 to July 31 dedicated to the Autumn-Winter menswear collection, featuring the Supreme collaboration - a comprehensive voyage through every stylistic facet that comprise New York: then, now, always.

Piped through The Vinyl Factory Soundystem, the programme of live performances will be streamed online, with line-ups posted on socials.

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  2. Fantaisie et Variations sur un theme allemand - Piano Score.
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  4. Filmanalyse „Message of Love – The Isle of Wight Festival“: Regie: Murray Lerner / 1997 (German Edition).
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Featuring 10 powerful audio-visual works by artists including Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Rachel Rose, Cyprien Gaillard and Kendrick Lamar-collaborator Kahlil Joseph, The Infinite Mix will lead visitors on an immersive journey through multi-screen installations, holograms and cinema-style 3D projections. Exploring the role of sound in contemporary video, the exhibition will feature new and reworked music from Kendrick Lamar, Aretha Franklin, Sonic Youth, Jeremy Deller and more, described by Hayward Gallery Director Ralph Rugoff as both "soulful and audacious", where "all the work raises the hair on the back of your neck".

Art Night was a free contemporary arts festival that transformed London for one night on 2 July Produced in collaboration with The Store and The Vinyl Factory, Celia Hempton created a theatre set-like environment combining abstract landscapes and bodies that considered the River Thames as a historical and metaphorical object — one that is ever changing and amorphous in form and gender. Cite Citation.

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