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Lots of rituals are said to start with the practitioner facing North. So air for east, fire for south, water for west, north for earth and center for spirit. Find a place to set up your altar. You can keep your altar on a dresser or table if you want a permanent one or one with lots of heavy items. Other places are drawers, bookcases though this means you can't have candles under the wood , trays, tree stumps and windowsills.

You can also have an altar box, so your objects are kept safe and private from others if you live in a busy household. You can take the items out and place them on top of the box when in use. Choose somewhere that feels right for you. Use your intuition.

Choose the style of your altar. If you are heavily influenced by Celtic paganism then maybe you will use Celtic deities like Brigid. Consider your personal practise and how your altar reflects you and your spirituality. Decide on the items you will use for the goddess. The goddess side represents the moon, divine feminine, right brain left half of the body , unconscious and night time.

Items used for the goddess may be: [5] A semi large candle with a color you best think represents the Goddess. Cold colours like blue, green, purple and silver are often used. A statue that represents the Goddess. This can be any goddess: Isis, the moon goddess, or statues from a Greek goddess like Hestia; it depends on what goddess calls you. You can also use totem animals of the goddess like a hare, cat, owl or other lunar animals. Something that may represent feminine elements. Crystal ball or divination tools.

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A few objects that are sacred and special to you. Decide on the items you will use for the God side. The god side is symbolic of the divine masculine, sun, elements fire and air, yang, daytime, conscious and left brain right half of the body. Things that you might want to put on the God side would be: A semi large candle which color you think bests represents the God e. Any divination tools. If you don't know your deity yet then you can just put the ones you are currently working with.

Spirit element. Crystals, skulls, candles can be used. Choose something powerful and very important.

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Pentacle put on goddess side if it represents earth or middle if symbolic of all 5 elements Book of shadows. Add any extra items.

You could also have: [8] Loose herbs or potpourri. This can be nice to use special types for Sabbats and to sprinkle on altar. You can make this yourself. These have pretty images on them and are good to use in meditation.

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  4. If you have a big altar you can put a small box on there and put rites or sacred things in it. Spell objects. Witches ladders, witches bottles, puppet magic, etc. Talismans and Amulets. Magickal jewellery! This is because, for most Wiccans, there's nothing supernatural about magic at all. Instead, Wiccans view magic as the harnessing and redirection of natural energy to effect change in the world around us. In Wicca, magic is simply another skill set or tool. Most Wiccans do use specific tools in spellcrafting, such as an athame , wand, herbs, crystals , and candles.

    Magical workings are often performed within a sacred circle. The use of magic is not limited only to the priesthood; anyone can craft and perform a spell with a little bit of practice. In some magical traditions, there are guidelines as to how and why magic should be performed.

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    This is not necessarily universal, though, so if you're not part of a group that mandates these guidelines, you might opt not to follow them. Magic can be incorporated into ritual, or it can be used as a stand-alone practice. The concept of an afterlife is typical in most branches of Wicca, and there is a general willingness to accept interaction with the spirit world. Seances and contact with the unknown are not uncommon among Wiccans, although not all Wiccans actively seek communication with the dead. Divination such as tarot , runes , and astrology are often used as well.

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    Whether you're holding a seance or dumb supper, or simply trying to identify and find your spirit guide , it's commonly accepted that the dead and other entities are out there and can be reached through various methods of communication. While not exclusive to every single tradition, the following beliefs are some of the core tenets found in most Wiccan systems. Divine in Nature : Most Wiccans believe that the Divine is present in nature, and so nature should be honored and respected. Everything from animals and plants to trees and rocks are elements of the sacred.

    You'll find that many practicing Wiccans are passionate about the environment.

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    In addition, the Divine has polarity: both male and female. In most paths of Wicca, both a god and goddess are honored.

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    The Divine is present in all of us. Karma and the Afterlife : For many Wiccans, the idea of karma and an afterlife is a valid one, although the Neowiccan view of Karma is very different than the traditional Eastern perspective. What we do in this lifetime will be revisited upon us in the next. Michele holds numerous keys, both traditional and metaphysical, to the mysteries of the universe, including a deep understanding of human psychology, psychic insight, tarot, numerology, astrology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

    She teaches quarterly classes at Discover U and at EastWest Bookshop in Seattle, one of the largest metaphysical bookstores in the Northwest, and consults with an extensive and extremely loyal list of clients all over the US, in Canada, and in Europe. Michele lives in a magical house in the country with her daughter, their dog, three cats, and two very spoiled pygmy goats.

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