Resource Economics

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Resource and Energy Economics

Honours places are subject to the availability of supervision. Class II shall have two divisions. An exceptionally distinguished student who has been awarded First Class Honours may be awarded a University Medal.

A candidate shall submit a dissertation embodying an original investigation on a topic approved by the course coordinator. Depending on the topic under investigation, the approval of the relevant Ethics Committee must be sought if required. The School, on the advice of the Course Coordinator, shall appoint a supervisor, who shall be a member of the teaching or research staff of the University or an associate of the University. The supervisor shall advise and supervise the candidate during the period of candidature.

Resource Economics

Except with the permission of the School, on the recommendation of the supervisor, the dissertation shall not exceed 20, words of text, excluding appendices. Candidates shall be required to enrol in an complete the dissertation in two semesters in the case of full-time candidature and in four semesters in the case of part-time candidature.

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Candidates must submit an electronic copy of the dissertation for examination. An electronic version of the dissertation, incorporating any changes suggested following examination, must also be submitted prior to a grade being awarded for the dissertation. The supervisor's name should normally be included in the acknowledgements section of the dissertation.

The student may not present, as the dissertation, any work that has been the basis of the award of a degree at this or another university, but will not be precluded from incorporating such in the dissertation provided that, in presenting the dissertation, the student clearly indicates the part of the work which has been so incorporated.

Successful stewardship of the land entails understanding the complex interrelationships between environmental and market forces. Research is pursued to understand why producers adopt sustainable technologies and identify incentives as well as costs and benefits to producers and the environment. Resource economists provide science-based information to help agriculture producers balance production demands with elements central to agricultural sustainability, including:.

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Natural resource economics also demonstrates how policy incentives might motivate better choices by agriculture producers and makes predictions about the potential side effects of those choices. McGilvray and M. L Perman, et al.

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  8. A background in economics and calculus is highly desirable. Detailed reading lists will be provided to support each course component. The following texts will be particularly useful: Michaelmas Term: Kolstad, C.