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Very shallow writing. Shannon K. The protagonist, Charlie Madigan, seems to be getting stupider as the series progresses.

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Heather Graham is just one of the authors in The Keeper L. The series ends at Marjorie M. I do enjoy the cast of characters Mead has created. They have very interesting relationships! Kara works as a homicide detective in a small parish in Louisiana, and this girl is wanted by a lot of people. The first couple of stories were confusing, but pulled me in after the third one, Erin M.

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The first novel in this series really confused me as I thought it was carrying on in the JT series since it involved one of the witchy girlfriends, following the JT pattern. Who knows. I like this series. Adams has a very different take on vampires in her world as well as a interesting array of supporting characters for the protagonist, Celia Graves. Urban fantasy in L. Mmm, the things Edie sees in that hospital where she works!

Definitely an urban fantasy with a dose of magical realism that roams the world. Well, it is only two stories long so far. I do hope Caine writes more as I really enjoyed this. I was so bummed when the series ended! He has another paranormal fantasy series that is based on the same species and culture as the Connor Grey series, Laura Blackstone , and set in Washington, D. Be sure to have some ribs, beans, and coleslaw handy when you read; I got so hungry…!

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Now they work to protect the world and themselves. Excellent for those who enjoy a military angle with their romance. Next is a Special Operative in literary detection, working hard to keep literature in line through time travel and slipping inside any book ever written…or becoming unwritten!

This is the Bones and Cat paranormal fantasy series. Her Night Prince started well, but the second book was a dog. They are part of the Night Huntress Universe. Simon R. His Secret Histories , an urban fantasy, is a spoof on James Bond and involves the Drood Family, secret protectors of the world.

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Who occasionally run amuck themselves. I adore Uncle Jack and his whacky gadgets! Our Henry is a writer of historical romances. Tony had had a CI relationship with Victoria before she was turned. A television series was based on these books and known as Blood Ties. It ran for two seasons starting in Both are urban fantasies.

On probation. A paranormal fantasy based in an alternate reality Atlanta. It has a nice twist on agents and brings in Jean Lafite and history. Try to read the existing three stories close together as it can get confusing if you allow time to lapse between readings. Loosely connected to her Elves on the Road overall series.

Starts in the s. The kicker is that this takes place in the world of the dead. The short story was about supernaturals working as agents in New York City. Based in London, Genevieve Taylor works as a detective. Her Broken Magic , which carries on three years after Allie Beckstrom. The series is complete. I love this series and am buying the books as they fit into my budget have them all…bwha-ha-ha….

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Jill copes with religion, vampires, shapeshifters, and demons. Admittedly, part of my dislike is for how stupid the protagonist is in many of the stories. Jeanne C. An urban fantasy based in New York City. A paranormal romance based in San Diego. Her adopted gargoyle family sees her as a traitor, and yet she believes the two sides can work together.

There is a stupid element in this, but I do like and am looking forward to the second book in the series. I found this a good-in-a-cozy-armchair sort of a read. For some reason, Douglas uses the series names as, well, series names, AND both as titles that she numbers. These paranormal erotica romance series involve wolf shifters.

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The erotic bit is when the good guy finds his soulmate. Gets to be a bit same-same after awhile. Her Leopard People is fairly similar, but revolves around leopard shifters. Laurell K. Louis, Missouri. She also has a fae erotic paranormal fantasy, Meredith Gentry about a half-breed fae princess who gets her own back on all those who have hated her.

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LOTS of adventure in and out of bed. The one cultural commonality is sex. Her Hidden cozy paranormal erotica romance series involves a hidden town where supernaturals dwell together. The rest of the books in this series range from well-done to oh, brother. An erotic fantasy legend switching between the Mageverse, an alternate plane of existence, and Earth.

The one I read was pretty funny if also inane. A paranormal romance which can range throughout the world. I like this series for the most part; she has an underlying theme running throughout the series with each installment a real story and not just an excuse for sex. Although there is a lot of sex. Her Wizard Twins is fantasy, and very erotic as well. I only read a prequel on this and she does write well. The two series do share some characters.

Has some historical overtones. Where she learns more than anyone could ever expect. His Ottawa and the Valley is more of a shared universe of standalone stories about the fae and humans. Ellen Guon collaborated on one of the stories. I absolutely adore this.

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Her collaboration with Roberta Gellis on Doubled Edge involves the elves but is more of an historical series. Another pip. Mostly good with a couple of iffy installments with uneven writing. An urban fantasy based in Tucson, Arizona. George R. Sawyer Mackenzie is the sassy younger sister of Ani Winthrop Sawyer is not just sassy, she is spunky with her pink hair, pierced, and tattoo s Sawyer has a wonderfully big heart She helps her sister whenever Ani has needed her over the years Sawyer is a lesbian and well out of the closet She wants nothing to do with men, well that is until Bobby comes along Bobby Giovanni is the owner of Fresh Caught Seafood, the business below were Sawyer and Ani live and also owns the building Bobby is Sawyer Mackenzie is the sassy younger sister of Ani Winthrop Sawyer is not just sassy, she is spunky with her pink hair, pierced, and tattoo s Sawyer has a wonderfully big heart She helps her sister whenever Ani has needed I truly didn t think Ariel could surpass the emotions that played a part in book one but I was wrong Sawyer and Bobby story had me on an emotional roller coaster I was laughing at their saucy banter and in tears when Sot finally opened up and revealed her darkest fears and true feeling.

I guess you never do know what you are missing until you open up and give into fear I a I think i liked this one a little bitthan the first book I m still not sure if i buy that someone who s known she likes girls since she was a little girl would end up with a man though She wasn t bi or an experimenter, she was a fu The sex scenes were steamy.

This is one book where reading the prior book in the series definitely helps understand not only the characters but the history behind them. I loved seeing more of Ani and Bast from the prior book and how they have thrived.

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This book is well written with not just realistic characters but engaging ones. I loved seeing how all the secondary characters have grown and changed from the first book to this one. Overall, this is a wonderful book. Nov 12, Terri rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Mixing It Up is the second book in the Boston Harbor romance series and it follows Sawyer on a passionate journey of self-discovery and her search for meaningful love.

Sawyer is such a great character.