Golfing with God: A Novel of Heaven and Earth

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Woodward , though both Woodward and guest artists have utilized the traditional pen-and-ink method since then. Launched by DC comics in , the book reportedly suffered from low sales by its eleventh issue. In August , in response to complaints that some retailers weren't stocking copies of Fallen Angel for interested fans to purchase, David announced that he would be producing a limited-edition autographed bookplate which could be attached to the Fallen Angel trade paperback, which he would send to both interested retailers and fans.

In January , David confirmed that he had been told Fallen Angel would not continue past issue 20, despite a reportedly successful promotional effort. Sales on the title were reported to be around 11, copies, about short of what DC required for the title to be profitable. Other artists like Kristian Donaldson also did short runs. The final issue of this second volume, which was published January 21, , saw the conclusion of the Moloch storyline that began with that volume, and God accepting Liandra back into heaven.

The series was relaunched with a new storyline in July , and guest starred the character Illyria from Joss Whedon 's Buffyverse. The story focuses on Lee also known as the Fallen Angel who is arguably a superheroine residing in the city of Bete Noire. The city is completely riddled with corruption, and supernatural characters who emerge at night, and is managed by the Magistrate, who answers to a mysterious organization.

Lee is possibly the only force for justice in the city. The city of Bete Noire is as much a character as a setting.

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  3. Johnny and The Elf : The Dark Realms. (Johnny and The Elf Trilogy Book 1);

It has been revealed to be the Biblical city of Enoch. Known as "the city that shapes the world", some say that the events that happen in the city influence major global events. People born and raised in the city appear to age normally, but outsiders who come to live in it either age more slowly or experience a total cessation of aging. Bete Noire is run by an organization known as The Hierarchy. The Hierarchy, in turn, typically exerts its will through the city's Magistrate.

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The Magistrate, a direct descendant of Cain , [15] manages the city. The position of Magistrate is passed from firstborn son to firstborn son by means of a mystical ritual performed on or after the son's eighteenth birthday. This perception causes the Magistrate excruciating pain, [24] and he must learn to tolerate and ignore it. All Magistrates bear the mark of Cain, [25] which renders them effectively immortal and impervious to harm.

Magistrates are even able to mentally control the actions of those trying to do them harm.

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After passing the duties of Magistrate on to his firstborn son, Dr. Juris attempted to leave the city and experienced a fatal aging effect after he crossed the city limits. Liandra leads a joyous life as a guardian angel —"The Boss's favorite"—until one of her charges, a girl named Holly, develops the ability to see her. They develop a close bond, and when Holly is abducted and murdered, Liandra is devastated. As a result, Liandra is stripped of her wings and cast down to Earth.

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She eventually makes her way to Bete Noire, adopting the name "Lee". She makes her base of operations in a bar called Furors. She is a very enigmatic person whose actions often seem contradictory; in one issue she tortures Black Mariah, [30] and shortly thereafter she saves her life. Lee has several superhuman abilities, including immense physical strength, the ability to leap large distances, and to project some type of mystical energy from her body, often from her eyes. The Magistrate and "manager" of Bete Noire, Juris answers to a mysterious group called the Hierarchy. In the second series, twenty years after the events of the first, he is married to an Asian woman named Xia.

He tries to pass on guardianship of Bete Noire to his son Jubal at the stroke of midnight on Jubal's eighteenth birthday, but when the ritual fails, he realizes that Jubal is not his firstborn son, [19] which leads him to discover that he has a twenty-year-old son, Jude, by Lee. Jude soon tracks him down in Bete Noire, however, and he is able to pass his legacy to his son. When Juris tries to leave Bete Noire after this, he rapidly ages and dies.

Jude is Lee and Juris' son, and older half-brother to Jubal. He first appears as an infant with tiny emerging wings on his back at the end of the first series, when Lee leaves him at an orphanage shortly after his birth.

Golfing with God: A Novel of Heaven and Earth

Twenty years later, Jude is a young priest. After a visit from Slate, [19] he seeks out Bete Noire and Juris. After losing the role of Magistrate, he turns his back on his mother and attempts to gain his power back from her. An angel himself, Malachi is Liandra's mentor and lover until her exile to Earth. Many years later, Malachi appears to Lee and claims that "The "Boss" is offering her a chance to regain her wings and return to angelhood. Unlike Lee, Malachi has retained the full scope of his angelic powers, which include the ability to survive indefinitely without breathing.

Jubal is Juris' eighteen-year-old son by Xia, [19] half-brother to Jude. He has spent his life trying to please his father, [33] and bears hatred towards Jude when Juris realizes that it is Jude to whom he must pass on management of Bete Noire. He appears to have an intimate relationship with his mother, Xia. Xia is Juris's wife by the time of the second series, and mother to Jubal. An Asian woman, Xia is not her real name, but one that Juris picked for her, which means "glow of the sunrise".

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  • Black Mariah is a witch with the power to suck life out of anyone she touches. Twenty years later, she also enters a relationship with Malachi. As a child in England, Shadow Boxer is granted the ability to merge with shadows by a member of the Hierarchy. He uses this power to rescue his abusive father, who was trapped in a mine, but his father later accuses him of being in league with the Devil. Boxer killed his father as retribution. Stricken with guilt, he confesses to Dr. Juris, who kills him. Living in a mausoleum in a graveyard, [41] Asia Minor is an Asian drug lord who for various reasons often finds himself aiding Lee.

    He speaks in the broken English stereotypical of Asian immigrants, though it has been established that this is a facade, in that he is capable of speaking perfect English. Asia supplies the Magistrate with drugs that suppress the constant voices and visions that accompany the position. A lover of books, of good writing, of the reading life.

    He was a literary critic and writer of nearly every genre. But he loved to read and advise othres on reading well. These pieces honor that aspect of his life, and invite us to the joys of literature, learning to follow in his footsteps in being a better student, a more vibrant lover of the printed page.

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    This little hardback will inspire many, and would make a truly lovely gift for any book lover or Lewis fan you know. This brand new one should be of interest to anyone who does spiritual direction, who is interested in the interface of psychology and spirituality, and who longs for a deeper, human, and integrated faith experience.

    So nice to see her appropriating the old insights about the soul from Jonathan Edwards about whom she has written her own book and offering them in this thoughtful collection! Congrats, Rachel! Dallastown is proud of you! He is increasingly known in his field and is a gracious, good guy. With blurbs on the back of this small book from the likes of Marianne Meye Thompson and Matthew Levering, you can be assured that he is thoughtful and solid and that this book will bring some new passion for this old chestnut of a topic.

    No lesser preacher and scholar than Fleming Rutledge commends it. In this treasure of a book, Hill opens up the prayer with great freshness for the ordinary reader, so that we seem to hear Jesus himself speaking to us, showing us how to pray to his Father in the same spirit that he himself does. I assumed this eagerly anticipated one is a bit of a follow up, but one of the important things to know is that Sarah was in a serious car wreck the damaged her body, and shook her faith; chronic pain can do that, you know. Realizing this back-story makes me want to read it all the more….

    Beyond her ability to make a breath-taking sentence, and to tell the truth about the dying and rising of faith, she can tell a story as if she is whispering it straight into your heart. Sarah is not too pious to tell us the truth about suffering, but not too cool to tell us the truth about the magic, either. In this trail-blazing, bush-burning book, anything can happen: the Pope shows up, and God does too. The story is so thrilling, sometimes you think you are devouring a novel.

    We are so lucky to be readers in the era of Sarah Bessey.

    Thank you, Sarah, for putting yourself out there! I hope to tell you more about this eventually, but for now know that we think it fills a real void and will be a gift for readers willing to take it up. Why should I endorse a book when I do not agree with some of its historical judgments? Answer: for the same reason you should read it.

    Told in Single Moments. He uses images and metaphors in ways that are unlike any writer I know and he is entertaining, thought-provoking, and sometimes, maddening. It is a robust reading experience, to say the least.