Garfield Gets His Just Desserts: His 47th Book (Garfield Series)

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Each book collects approximately six months of comics, including the Sunday comics in black and white in all except the recent editions. Volumes 37 and later introduced a new, larger square book in full color, showing the Sunday strips to be formatted in a size as they usually are, instead of shrunken-down to meet the book size.

However, this means that the first panel after the logo box called the drop panel because newspapers can drop it without ruining the point of the strip is no longer printed in the compilation books. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Garfield Classics. Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack.

Categories :. Garfield at Large: His First Book. Garfield Rolls On: His 11th Book. Garfield Out to Lunch: His 12th Book. Garfield Food for Thought: His 13th Book. Garfield Worldwide: His 15th Book.

Bully gets just desserts in video that will make you smile

Garfield Rounds Out: His 16th Book. Garfield Chews the Fat: His 17th Book. Garfield Goes to Waist: His 18th Book. Garfield Hangs Out: His 19th Book. Garfield Says a Mouthful: His 21st Book. Garfield By the Pound: His 22nd Book. Garfield Tons of Fun: His 29th Book. Garfield Bigger and Better: His 30th Book. Garfield Hams it Up: His 31st Book. Garfield Thinks Big: His 32nd Book.

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Or, as Garfield might say, when the going gets tough, the tough take a nap Odie Unleashed! Just watch out for dog breath! Garfield, the furry food processor, is back for another helping of tastefully outrageous fun! And America's most-famished feline is breaking all records for mealtime mayhem!

Garfield Gets His Just Desserts

Whether he's snatching a snooze, drop-kicking the dog, or discovering the joys of a simple tummy scratch, Garfield always knows where his next nibble is coming from. If you're hungry for laughter, you'll eat him up. Pound for pound, there's no funnier cat around! Packed with early sketches, enlightening quotes, and fun facts did you know that the Garfield comic was originally titled Jon? Who's back in the limelight again? It's Garfield! Leading the world in most naps snoozed per year, perfecting the art of eating without coming up for air, and discovering that dessert is the most important meal of the day.

Garfield's back, and we've got him right where we want him! On a diet or swallowing a lasagna whole, he's still the same lovable Garfield.

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Getting in over his scruffy neck and sassing his way back out again, this is one scrappy cat who knows how to have fun Garfield, the always-famished fat cat, will go to any means necessary to satisfy his humongous hunger. Join him on the prowl for food - and fun - in this all-new collection of comics Garfield, the cat with an ego as big as his appetite and proud of it! In The Me Book, Garfield covers all aspects of superiority, from basic self-confidence to world domination, including tips on how to: -- Accept the admiration of others -- Whip a flabby ego into shape -- Dress to impress -- Claw your way up the corporate ladder -- Condescend to just about everybody These and other invaluable tips will soon have you saying like Garfield, "I've gotta be me, I'm too good to be anyone else!

You just can't keep a good cat down. And with Garfield you'd need muscles to do it, anyway. This is the frisky feline's tenth collection and is full of the antics and acrobatics you know and love him for. As a bonus it also features an inteview with Jim Davis about how he became a cartoonist! Mischief's on the menu and trouble's brewin' in this brand new concoction of comics.

And, of course, he's as sassy and lovable as ever when he chases Odie, plays with Nermal and Pooky, and makes life both wicked and wonderful for his owner Jon! Garfield Blots Out the Sun: His 43rd book! Gluttony on a Galactic Scale! Like the Universe, Garfield is constantly expanding.

Fans of the fat cat will get a big bang out of this all-new collection of comics, featuring Garfield at his funniest - and hungriest! Whether he sneaks all the cookies, devours a refrigerator, or wrestles an easy chair to the ground, you have to expect the unexpected when you're in the presence of cat-genius. Garfield's behavior is perfect, as usual, with just a few minor acts of mischief to liven things up and keep the good times rolling!

Bestselling Series

Can a cat with no feet: --bounce into bed? You can be sure that your favorite furry feline will find a way in his ninth outrageous collection of non-stop fun and delicious mischief! Lock up the lasagne! Chain the chicken! And hold on to your funny bone America's favorite cat is hungrier, funnier, lazier, grouchier and more lovable than ever before in his sixth sensational bestseller now in Full Color in the Bigger and Bolder size! Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack, Vol. The Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack series collects the Garfield comic-strip compilation books in a new, full-color format.

Garfield Pulls His Weight No. Everyone's favorite fat cat is back in the twenty-sixth collection of daily comic strips--chowing down goodies, tormenting his pal Odie, and reminding his human master, the beleaguered Jon, who is really in charge. Lights, Camera, Hairballs!

Garfield out to lunch Jim Davis. Garfield; slam dunk! Jim Davis. GARFIELD, the world's favorite feline, marks 15 years of laughs and lunches with this special silver volume, the 25th in his series of side-splitting comic compilations! But he'll still move all his muscles for meals and mayhem! Whether he's settling in for a catatonic evening of TV viewing, testing the first law of physics on his back, or just hunting burgers in the kitchen, GARFIELD is sure to go light on the action and heavy on the laughs. The tubby tabby is back, and he's livin' larger than ever!

If laughter is what you're after, you'll love this masterpiece of mirth. Garfield's tenth collection of hilarious Sunday comics showcases the feisty fat cat in all his glory--and gluttony! Garfield : here we go again Jim Davis. Garfield Classics, 2. He sleeps late and wakes up grouchy.

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