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I invite you to read and follow these amazing bloggers and if I missed your blog or someone you know, please suggest an addition in the comments below. I hope you enjoy these B2B marketing blogs. He has worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. Today, Michael shares his passion on leadership and marketing strategies that deliver customer value and business impact. Thanks for putting so much into the B2B community.

Thanks Doug, I really appreciate it! You guys deserve it as much for your strong point of view and amazing creative as for the valuable content. His handle is ducttape in case anyone wants to check him out. John is amazing! Thanks for including Marketo and the shout out. Truly flattered to be in such great company. Wow, thanks so much for including us! Honored to be among such great company.

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Thanks so much for the shout out Michael. Michael, thank you for the inclusion, awesome to be included by you and alongside a number of bloggers I admire and who have inspired me over the last almost two years of my blogging journey! Thanks Barry. It was readers and social media followers choice but happy to see you throwing your site into the mix. Great article on Convince and Convert btw and cannot wait for the webinar! Thank you.

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Thanks for thinking of us when you compiled this awesome list. Being mentioned among this group of people I respect so much is a fantastic way to start the new year.

I only wish the B2Bbloggers site was going to continue this year too. Congrats to my fellow B2B Brainiacs and Maniacs on this list too! I agree Billy. I was surprised to see that he shuttered the site and it was recommended by many but congrats to you for being on the list. Thanks James, it was based on feedback from my social connections and linkedin groups so probably reflects the make-up of those communities.

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But thanks for bringing in a larger perspective. Will definitely check this one out. Great list. At any rate, thanks again. Thanks Brian, I appreciate your support and happy you found this useful. This is one post where I am happy to see people add their own site in the comments.

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I will check your site out as well and invite all my readers to do the same. Hi, Michael! Thanks so much for including Savvy B2B Marketing in this fabulous line up. Thrilled to be among such great company and to discover a few voices that are new to me. Thanks Jamie, you Savvy Sisters have been doing this longer than most and deserve all the credit in the world for carrying the B2B flag. Keep up the great work!

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What a great list, Michael. I am relatively new B2B blogger and was very excited to see a lot of familiar faces on this list! They will certainly be learning from some of the best! Anyway, thanks for your support and for stopping by! What an honor. My resolution for this coming year — interface more with my fellow B2B bloggers!

Thanks Jennifer, would be great to meet in person. I just published the top marketing conferences post and would love to meet in real life! Great list!

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Nice list Michael! I must admit that although I follow many of these and we are part of some of their posts, there are some new ones that I need to take a closer look at. Thanks for putting the time into this post! And in the spirit of self-promostion Thanks Michael, self-promotion is totally encouraged for this post. Thanks for adding your site and love that latest article! Thanks Michael, great list of resources here. This is a great list of some very smart blogs and people …thanks for compiling. In you must see your content strategy as a pyramid rather than a bucket if you want to stand out.

In the past we treated content like a bucket that we had to constantly fill. Now you need to see it more like a pyramid, with fewer but much higher quality content pieces at the top, and the rest filled in by repurposing parts of those main pieces. Hitesh Bhasin is unarguably one of the most influencing content experts in the marketing niche. Hitesh, with his in-depth marketing knowledge, is helping millions of students, professionals, and businesses from every part of the world. He aims to educate his audience with real-life practical marketing tutorials on his blog.

No matter if you are a small, medium, or large business or even a fresher who aims to build a career in marketing, Hitesh got your back with his marketing91 blog. Deepak Kanakaraju is a blogger and digital marketer. He also shares brilliant content marketing techniques and growth hacks on his website Digital Deepak. PixelTrack is a performance marketing company that also deals in digital marketing training, career services, digital marketing services, web development services for clients and sells SaaS products.

Deepak also founded Digital Marketing Club, an offline networking club for digital marketers.

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Members of the club have opportunities to learn, network and grow. With MemberSpeak, members of the club get an opportunity to speak on stage and grow their public speaking skills. Apart from writing blogs, books and creating online courses, he spends hours learning new things everyday and wants to inspire people to learn something everyday. Daily learning should be a habit.

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You can connect with Deepak by Twitter , Linkedin and Facebook. His copywriting skills have made a strong impact on conversion for B2B, SaaS and agencies around the world! Joel is one of the best in the business having great knowledge on SEO and online marketing in to his arsenal as well! A trained journalist, Christoph expanded his journalistic storytelling skills in content marketing across many industries, including healthcare, SaaS and publishing. I hope that will be the year where everyone decides to be real with each other and super relevant with their content.

The more authentic our connections the better for all of us. Too many companies are doing it in a half-assed way, with little measurement and a very weak strategy. Content needs to be relevant.

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Meaning the customer has an interest in the product category based on their customer life-cycle. Content also needs to be timely; meaning the offer is relevant based on current customer life-cycle events or behaviors. Finally, there needs to be value. Of course, you also have to do everything you can to promote that content so people can find it.

Once you prove that your content is popular and worth reading, Google is happy to join the party and move it up in the rankings. So SEO is no longer in the domain of the techies.