Die Entwicklung der Medien nach Gutenberg: Einflussbereiche und Funktionen (German Edition)

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Receipt of all proposals will be acknowledged. Applicants should expect to receive confirmation of acceptance or rejection by December 14, Lent Scholarship in Comics Studies. This scholarship is awarded to a current student who has authored, or is in the process of authoring, a substantial research-based writing project about comics.

Applications for this scholarship are due by 8 January Jenseits des disegno? Der disegno steht schon seit einigen Jahrzehnten im Fokus der Forschung. Diese Diskrepanz soll mit dieser Tagung erstmalig thematisiert werden.

Gibt es und warum regionale Sonderentwicklungen? Tagungssprachen sind Deutsch, Englisch und Italienisch. Einsendungen sind bis zum August erbeten an Daniela Bohde bohde kunst. The Association of Print Scholars APS is pleased to announce a symposium to support new critical ideas and research about printmaking. We invite two types of proposals:. Proposed papers should come from current graduate students at the dissertation stage. Interested participants are invited to submit an abstract of no more than words along with a CV or brief biographical statement by August 15 to symposium printscholars.

Please indicate in the subject line which type of paper scholarly session or lightning round you are proposing and apply to only one session type. Non-members may submit abstracts, but presenters must be APS members by the time of the symposium. The application of technical art history to the study of prints is particularly fruitful as printmakers often draw upon diverse and complex techniques in order to generate imagery.

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From the sixteenth-century engravings of Hendrik Goltzius, who skillfully imitated other media, to the prints of contemporary artist Kiki Smith, who produces fleshy bodies on thin, skin-like Gampi paper, printmakers throughout history have engaged a variety of processes and materials in order to elicit particular ideas, emotions, or interactions. The selection of technique, matrix, ink, varnish or support may have a profound effect on the final product and its meaning.

This conference seeks to investigate the relationship between specific technical choices made by printmakers, printers, or publishers in order to rethink more broadly the relationship between process, material and meaning in the graphic arts. We seek papers that focus on a wide range of chronological periods and geographic locations in order to highlight overarching methodological issues. Bern, Es betrifft in erster Linie die Artikulation plastischer Werte, das Formulieren eines rilievo, sowohl in Malerei als auch Skulptur. In der nordalpinen Tradition kommt dem Helldunkel ebenfalls ein hoher Stellenwert zu.

Chiaroscuro geht einher mit der Steigerung optischer Werte. Bitte senden Sie Ihr Abstract max. August per Mail an: claudia. Aufgrund dieser Funktion gelten sie nicht a priori als Kunstwerke. Ihr Status ist ambivalent. Andererseits werden sie als wertvolle und erhaltenswerte Werke wahrgenommen.

Vom Juli einzureichen. Bitte senden Sie ein Abstract 1 Seite, max. Juli an: ars. Plants have always been represented in different ways, through manuscripts, woodcuts, engravings and the actual dried specimens in herbaria. The circulation of these kinds of sources involved a wide range of people physicians, apothecaries, herbalists, charlatans, botanists, women as the producers or consumers of these products, and the actual objects themselves: herbal manuscripts, herbaria printed or dried, with actual specimens , notebooks, letters, plants, seeds and so forth.

The production, consumption and use of these sources and their circulation can be examined from different points of view and from different disciplines: botany, history particularly the history of science , art history, linguistics and many others. Through a micro analytical lens we can examine the objects herbals, archival documents in sufficient detail so as to understand where they were produced, in which context landscape, archives, people and with which purposes. This panel seeks to put together new and original contributions so as to better understand the circulation of these botanical sources through different approaches and studies but with the attention to the detail and at a micro-scale.

However, original contributions discussing wider developments of circulation of botanical sources are welcome, as well. Papers on the early periods are particularly encouraged. Please submit proposals to session organizers Dominic Olariu olariu staff. Session at RSA Boston , Drawing from scholarship on the socio-cultural aspects of collecting early modern drawings in Europe Warwick, Feigenbaum , this session aims to focus on the heretofore unexplored material practices associated with the production and collection of the most ephemeral type of drawings: ritratti carichi and caricature.

Proposals are invited for papers to explore key issues, including: the performative ways of producing and assembling caricature; the identity and social networks of individual collectors Lelio Orsini, Cesare Malvasia, Filippo Baldinucci, Padre Resta ; the status of caricature vs disegno in major collections of drawings; the relationship between collecting caricature and the rise of theoretical reflection on art as expounded by the writings of Malvasia and Baldinucci.

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Please submit proposals electronically to both Sandra Cheng schengnyc gmail. Illustrators and all who study their work have long understood the importance of pictures to communicate ideas and shape opinion, and to possibly provoke the viewer in unpredictable ways.

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What should illustrators say in the public sphere? What forces limit the illustrator's expression of thought? What are the key issues and debates around the communication of ideas through illustration?

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Organized and hosted by the Illustration Research Network and RISD Illustration, the 6th annual International Illustration Research Symposium invites proposals for papers, panels, round tables, and visual presentations on the theme of the illustrator as not only conveyor of established intellectual thought in the public sphere, but also as a vital, potent voice in public discourse and the author of content through independent provocation, seduction and persuasion.

This symposium proposes that illustrators are empowered as originators and purveyors of unique thought. The visual languages of the illustrator not only translate content, they transform it, indelibly inscribing ideas with force and conviction at the intersection of visual and verbal thinking. Studies on the illustration of any era or place are welcome. Studio Practices - How do different forms, techniques, and materials affect attitudes, feelings, ideas and the legitimacy of messages? Public Sphere - How do ethics and social responsibility impinge upon illustrators?

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  • Creative and Intellectual Communities - When, where, and how do illustrators participate in important political, social, and intellectual debates? Proposals are blind peer-reviewed. Selected papers and presentations will be considered for publication in forthcoming issues of the peer reviewed? Journal of Illustration. Zeichenverbote, die sich auf Topographien oder Architekturen beziehen, sind in Kunstgeschichte und Bildwissenschaften bisher kaum zum Thema geworden, obwohl sie in Europa seit dem Jahrhundert nachweisbar sind.

    Jahrhundert offenbar eher lokal oder regional erlassen wurden, finden sie sich im Ulrike Boskamp ulrike. Sebastian Fitzner sebastian. Sketching prohibited! Military interdictions of drawing and artistic practice in European history from Early Modern times to the present. The prohibition of drawing, referring to topographies or architecture, has rarely been a topic of art history or visual studies, although it can be accounted for in Europe since the 16th century.

    But such interdictions prove the power that was ascribed to on site-drawings. They were decreed to impede military espionage, in reaction to the practice of producing, collecting and storing not only maps, but also images of the landscapes, cities, fortifications, and harbours of potential enemies, in order to be used in case of a military conflict.

    It can be assumed that these military restrictions of civilian artistic practices not only shaped those historic representations of land- and cityscapes and of architecture that exist in collections and archives today, but that they also shaped artistic practices of drawing on the spot. While early examples of prohibitions of drawing seem to have been issued more locally, they can be found in national laws since the 19th century. Through a more precise knowledge of military interdictions of drawing, a new assessment of the role and power that were historically ascribed to visual representations of architectures and topographies will be possible.

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    The effect of these interdictions can then be investigated on the basis of historical views of exemplary places that were affected by such restrictions. New insights into the historical perception of landscape, cities and buildings can be expected. The colloquium sets out to investigate military interdictions of drawing through a series of case studies, in order to get first answers to very basic questions:.

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    Papers should concern the above questions in the period between and today. November Eingabeschluss: 1. And yet, public exposition is dogged by inevitable challenges, including balancing profundity and accessibility, intention and misinterpretation. Papers may embrace or reject the concept of the public intellectual, while addressing relationships between communicative intention and audience reception.

    Email word abstracts to irsymposium[at]risd. Proposals are blind peer reviewed.

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    All data are stored on computer-readable magnetic tape. Many science and mathematics educators across the country are taking advantage of a Web site created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT , the famed research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which offers free video, audio, and print lectures and course material taken straight from the school's classes.

    Those resources…. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT has invented or improved many world-changing things--radar, information theory, and synthetic self-replicating molecules, to name a few. Last month the university announced, to mild fanfare, an invention that could be similarly transformative, this time for higher education itself.