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Machado de Assis in Brazilian National Archives.

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See list. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Epitaph of a Small Winner. Machado de Assis. William Grossman.

Meaning of "obsidiana" in the Portuguese dictionary

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However, a prospective cohort study with a concurrent comparison group of comparable risk had not been conducted on a collaborative practice-freestanding birth center model to address questions of safety, cost, and patient satisfaction. Methods: The specific aims of this study are to compare this collaborative practice model to the traditional model of perinatal health care physician providers and hospital delivery. A prospective cohort study comparing these two health care models was conducted with a final expected sample size of approximately 2, birth center and 1, traditional care subjects.

Women were recruited from both the birth center and traditional care programs private physicians offices and hospital based clinics at the beginning of prenatal care and followed through the end of the perinatal period. Prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum and infant morbidity and mortality are being. The San Diego Regional Climate Education Partnership has formed an innovative and collaborative team whose mission is to implement a research-based climate science education and communications program to increase knowledge about climate science among highly-influential leaders and their communities and foster informed decision making based on climate science and impacts.

The team includes climate scientists, behavioral psychologists, formal and informal educators and communication specialists. The Partnership's strategic plan has three major goals: 1 raise public understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change; 2 identify the most effective educational methods to educate non-traditional audiences Key Influentials about the causes and consequences of climate change; and 3 develop and implement a replicable model for regional climate change education.

To implement this strategic plan, we have anchored our project on three major pillars: 1 Local climate science causes, impacts and long-term consequences ; 2 theoretical, research-based evaluation framework TIMSI ; and 3 Key!

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Influentials KI as primary audience for messages working w! During CCEP-I, the Partnership formed and convened an advisory board of Key Influentials, completed interviews with a sample of Key Influentials, conducted a public opinion survey, developed a website www. Results of 38 KI Interviews provided evidence of local climate knowledge, strong concern about climate change, and deeply held values related to climate change education and regional leadership.

On both reservations fractured and weathered igneous and metamorphic rocks and alluvium are water bearing; however, no wells are known to derive their water entirely from alluvium. Well yields range from 2. Springs occur where saturated fractured or weathered material intersects the land surface. Spring discharge ranged from 0 gallon per minute November to 9.

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Few data are available for the surface water characteristics of the study area. One-time measurements of discharge at selected stream sites were made in late November and late May ; discharges ranged from less than 0. Further study of the surface-water systems would provide a basis for estimating their development potential. The existing water-supply development on the Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation is adequate for the present residents. The Mesa Grande reservation was unoccupied in , was reportedly unoccupied in November , and has no developed water supply.

Additional water can be developed for both reservations from the igneous and metamorphic rock, from presently undeveloped springs, and from perennial reaches of the larger streams. Except for excessive iron and sodium at some ground-water sites and excessive sodium at a few surface-water sites, the water is of suitable quality for domestic and agricultural use.

Gastrointestinal torsions and intussusception in northern koalas Phascolarctos cinereus at San Diego Zoo The recent classification as threatened status of the northern koala Phascolarctos cinereus by the Australian Government highlights the importance of the conservation and health management of this iconic Australian marsupial. This case series describes gastrointestinal torsion and intussusception in six northern koalas three males, three females, yr old at the San Diego Zoo from to Two koalas died shortly after presentation. Diagnoses of ileocecal intussusception, resulting from enteritis in one case and cecal torsion in the other, were made at postmortem examination.

One koala died 4 days after an exploratory laparotomy, with negative findings, and an acute double colonic intussusception was diagnosed at postmortem examination. Two small intestinal mesenteric torsion and one proximal colon mesenteric torsion cases were successfully corrected surgically. In the case of colonic mesenteric torsion, the koala had recurrent clinical signs 2 wk later, and a second surgery requiring resection and anastomosis of ischemic jejunum was performed, with the koala dying shortly afterward. One koala with small intestinal torsion had a recurrence of torsion 22 mo later and subsequently died.

The koala with the second case of small intestinal torsion remains alive 14 mo postsurgical correction. All six koalas presented with signs of colic that included anorexia, lethargy, depression, acute abdominal distension, abdominal stretching, decreased fecal output, open-mouth gasping, or a combination of symptoms. Abdominal radiographs may show stacked gastrointestinal linear gas patterns and contrast stasis. While inciting etiologies were unable to be determined in these cases, monitoring generalized. Project No. The purpose of the report is to present the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's evaluation of several of the matters relating to the suitability of the Sundesert site near Blythe, California, on which the San Diego Gas and Electric Company proposes to build the Sundesert Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2.

The report summarizes the results of the technical evaluation of the suitability of the proposed Sundesert site for a nuclear plant and delineates the scope of the technical matters considered in evaluating the suitability of the site. Habitat and species conservation plans usually rely on monitoring to assess progress towards conservation goals. Southern California, USA, is a hotspot of biodiversity and home to many federally endangered and threatened species.

Here, several regional multi-species conservation plans have been implemented to balance development and conservation goals, including in San Diego County. In the San Diego County Management Strategic Plan Area MSPA , a monitoring framework for the preserve system has been developed with a focus on species monitoring, vegetation monitoring, threats monitoring and abiotic monitoring.

Genetic sampling over time genetic monitoring has proven useful in gathering species presence and abundance data and detecting population trends, particularly related to species and threats monitoring objectives. This report reviews genetic concepts and techniques of genetics that relate to monitoring goals and outlines components of a genetic monitoring scheme that could be applied in San Diego or in other monitoring frameworks throughout the Nation.

Meacham, Meredith C. Method: Baseline data from parallel cohort studies of PWID conducted concurrently in San Diego , CA, and Tijuana, Mexico, were used to estimate the prevalence and identify correlates of heroin—methamphetamine co-injection. Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to identify correlates of heroin—methamphetamine co-injection.

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Results: The prevalence of co-injection in the past 6 months was In multivariable analyses adjusting for study cohort, distributive syringe sharing, purchasing syringes prefilled with drugs, finding it hard to get new syringes, reporting great or urgent need for treatment, and younger age were independently associated with co-injection. Pastmonth overdose was significantly associated with higher odds of co-injection in San Diego than in Tijuana. Conclusions: These findings indicate that heroin—methamphetamine co-injection is more common in Tijuana than in San Diego , yet this practice was only associated with overdose in San Diego.

Heroin—methamphetamine co-injection was also independently associated with HIV-associated injection risk behaviors. Overdose-prevention interventions should address co-injection of depressants and stimulants.

Although persons who inject drugs PWID in the western United States-Mexico border region are known to inject both heroin and methamphetamine, little is known about the prevalence and risks associated with co-injection of this depressant-stimulant combination also known as "goofball" and "Mexican speedball".

Baseline data from parallel cohort studies of PWID conducted concurrently in San Diego , CA, and Tijuana, Mexico, were used to estimate the prevalence and identify correlates of heroin-methamphetamine co-injection. Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression analyses were used to identify correlates of heroin-meth-amphetamine co-injection. The prevalence of co-injection in the past 6 months was These findings indicate that heroin-methamphetamine co-injection is more common in Tijuana than in San Diego , yet this practice was only associated with overdose in San Diego.

Heroin-methamphetamine coinjection was also independently associated with HIV-associated injection risk behaviors.

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Full Text Available This paper explores issues in the expansion of environmental justice rhetoric to the developing world, and propose insights from resilience theory, political ecology, and bioregionalism as supplements. Sharing a broadly-defined natural region, the growing evidence of ecological crisis increasingly calls for collaboration between two communities which often perceive themselves as relatively disconnected.

Understanding challenges to social-ecological resilience and environmental justice in the San Diego -Tijuana region, however, also requires understanding it as an inflection point for global economic, military, and human migration flows occurring at many scales. It is in the context of building effective regional collaboration that environmental justice must engage the analyses of scale and political economy contained in political ecology as a challenge.

I suggest, however, that any environmental justice discourse informed by political ecology cannot remain abstract from the local context. Impact of emissions from the Los Angeles port region on San Diego air quality during regional transport events. Oceangoing ships emit an estimated 1. As shown herein, ship and other emissions near the Los Angeles and Long Beach Port region strongly influence air pollution levels in the San Diego area.

During time periods with regional transport, atmospheric aerosol measurements in La Jolla, California show an increase in 0. These particles are attributed to primary emissions from residual oil sourcessuch as ships and refineries, as well as traffic in the port region, and secondary processing during transport.