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They base their religion on their interpretation of the Bible. A secondary source are the writings of their founder. Two sources state that Berg's writings are considered to override the Bible in cases of conflict; another says the opposite. They believe sexual enjoyment, from masturbation to intercourse is considered a gift of God.

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It is an activity that is to be thoroughly enjoyed as a major focus of one's life. Both male and female Family members are urged to masturbate while fantasizing about engaging in sexual activity with Jesus. They embrace free, consensual sexuality as a gift of God. They believe that Jesus had sexual relations with Martha and Mary.

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They believe the angel Gabriel engaged in sexual intercourse with Mary at the time of Jesus' conception. They believe that people can sometimes be adversely affected by deceased people from the spirit world. Exorcisms are occasionally performed to rid people of evil spirits. They believe in communication with the spirits of dead people.


Failed Prophesies of David "Moses" Berg. David Berg originally prophesied that the "End of the Time of the Gentiles" would occur in A great socialist leader would arise from Egypt and become dictator of the world in About , the leader would reveal himself as the Antichrist and require that everyone worship him. Jesus Christ would return in All of the saved will then take part in the rapture and ascend to heaven.

Satan would be overcome, and Christ will rule over the earth for years, with the assistance of COG members. Children of God a. Back to Cults. Resource Center.

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Dawn Watson, 29, grew up in the cult — now known as Family International — but managed to escape when she was Her journey to recovery has been long and plagued by painful memories. I never knew anything different from that.

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And abuse I say in all forms. Abused sexually, abused emotionally and abused spiritually. I used to have a dog called Midnight and he was the cutest thing and he had a big doghouse and I would sit down in that doghouse for hours and hours and just look at him. By , there were communities of full-time members scattered throughout the world - including Brazil where Dawn was raised.

Hollywood actors Rose McGowan and Joaquin Phoenix have both shared details of their own early childhood experiences in the sect. Before he even began this community he had problems with his own children. He used to abuse at his own children. By the time Dawn was born into the cult, Berg was a shadowy figure who existed to the members through his teachings and status as Father David.

In February , they made the surprise announcement that the world would not be ending after all, at least not imminently. Zerby and Kelly framed it in terms of giving the group a fresh start.

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But to many members, it was devastating. When contacted by phone, she said she was trying to distance herself from the group and would only speak on condition of anonymity.

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Clara panicked when she realized that after two decades in the Family, she was ill-prepared to lead a normal life with her husband and four children. That was four years ago. In a series of phone conversations, Young told me how he struggled to leave the group. And should I have left?

And is Jesus real? But he was good at making balloons for kids and blew them up in restaurants in exchange for tips. Once, a hostess asked him out on a date at work. She bought a balloon, gave him a kiss and her number. They went home to her roommates and talked about video games and TV shows.

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Dr Marlene Winell, a psychologist who studies religious indoctrination, says it can take a long time for former members of cults or extreme religious groups to feel comfortable in their new reality. She says it can take them a long time to leave those groups, especially if they were born into them.

More than a year and a half after leaving the Family, Young joined a community college honors program, which helped students get scholarships and transfer to a four-year college. After the Reboot, many former missionaries landed where the movement originated four decades earlier. Clusters of the Family appeared in places like Houston, Texas, and San Diego, California, according to interviews with former members. Some younger members, like Martin Merour, 28, have kept one foot in the Family. Merour was very candid about his life in the Family and their unconventional beliefs.