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Partiremos de estas notas para no olvidar, a un viaje por la vida de tres generaciones de mi familia. Piro is a mathematician whose obsessions have been captured in three notebooks; one to keep a rigorous control over his expenses, another to remind himself of the location of the things he collects in case he ever needs them, and one more for the most important events of his life. We will use these notes as a starting point against oblivion, a journey through the lives of three generations of my family.

Yibran Asuad Sonido Sound: Tres historias, tres ciudades y tres personajes en contextos diversos pero realidades similares que sobreviven a los largos trayectos y al tiempo de vida perdido. Documentary film about the daily odyssey that involves moving from home to work in three different cities of the world: Mexico City, Istanbul and Los Angeles. Three stories, three cities and three characters in different contexts but similar realities that survive long journeys and lost time of daily living.

MARVEL'S SPIDERMAN - Pelicula Completa en Español - PS4 2018 [1080p]

Cactus Film and Video, S. Their grief and their hope made them visible and perhaps also reminded us that we are not alone; we are intimately connected to them. The people of a small community in Veracruz are the guardians of one of the ecosystems facing the highest risk in this country: They are trying to redesign their own culture: Lo entierran como desconocido y lo vuelven santo milagroso. He was buried as an unidentified person, turned into holly and miraculous man.

In , he was identified. Maize in Times of War traces the yearly cycle of four Indigenous maize plots called milpas due to the diversity of crops they grow in different regions of Mexico. This film draws the exceptional process of growing maize, the delicacy of selecting seeds and preparing the land that will receive them, the tenacity and the nuances involved in taking care of the whole process, until the harvest arrives after working for months and the family enjoys the vital product.

Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. La Cleta Films, S.

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A couple in love from Baja California, Mexico, are in the middle of the preparations for a huge wedding, the only problem is that their marriage is not legal, since they are both male. Descienden al fondo del mar buscando langosta y regresan a la superficie con el cuerpo paralizado. In a fishing community of Nicaragua divers are getting sick. They descend to the sea looking for lobster and return to the surface with their bodies paralyzed. Without an explanation for a disease never before seen in the community, the old men spoke out to indicate that divers had raised the anger of the mermaid.

Paloma Negra Films palomanegraf gmail. Forced by deep convictions and the need to rescue the State from the Law of the land caused by negligence, omission or planning, imposed by most feared criminal group of our country: All good intentions are rapidly confronted by two main obstacles, the reintegration of all those who have renounced the movement and the intervention from the Federal Government, to stop all competition in the use of force. Milenaria y guerrera, la tribu yaqui defiende su existencia. El despojo ha desatado la lucha y la resistencia. Paralelamente, los yaquis ven inundado su territorio de metanfetamina.

Compromiso fingido

Millenary and figsty, the Yaqui Tribe defends thier existence. This situation has sparked struggles and resistances. In parallel, the Yaquis have seen flooded their territory of methamphetamines. Now they seek for answers to these external aggressions in the depths of their cultural identity. Ricardo Vergara Sonido Sound: The outcome of such bold action was the largest manhunt in the recent history of the United States. Tijerina managed to survive prison, a psychiatric hospital, and a several assassination attempts.

The Chicano movement faded away, and everyone thought the same of Tijerina. People speak of him as a saint, a man illuminated, a man that used violence looking for a fair cause. They called him King Tiger; though, King Tiger is alive and he wants to tell his story. A journey about every-day life in two villages in northern Mexico: Through this peasant song, of the cotton hacienda workers, the film explores the dark past and present-day reality of resistance through spaces that tell the history and characters that work or sing to survive. Eternity Never Surrendered is a portrait of the intimate battles that two women who wait for their disappeared loved ones.

They both find each other in this documentary, showing us how the search for the missing person is also a battle not to disappear oneself from life.

Javier Campos Sonido Sound: Takeda is a film about the universality of the human being seen thru the eyes of a Japanese painter that has adopted the Mexican culture. These life stories are intertwined with the memories of other exiles who are related to this family. The film spans from the beginning of the twentieth century, up to the Mexico and Spain of our days. The few residents of Playa La Gringa, in the Sea of Cortes, have woven a small community despite having arrived there by a desire to stand apart from social conventions.

A Wild Stream is an intimate portrait of these people everyday looking at the beautiful and hostile landscape of Baja California as a space for freedom. Caguama Producciones Casadelou, S. Intimate Battles is the story of five women from different countries who have survived or are trying to survive domestic violence. Este documental es un confesionario de aquellos que confluyen en un mismo espacio: This documentary becomes a confessionary for those who gather around in the same place: As the documentary draws on we become aware of their worries, joys and fears.

Beauties of the Night is the intimate portrait of the leading showgirls of the 70s and 80s in Mexico. Four decades after the end of the show, they tell their stories with dignity. Fishermen in the southern coast of Jalisco have freely exercised their trade for decades. In recent years they have been threatened by the privatization on the beaches of the region.

The Mexican Constitution gives them the rigth but even so nothing guarantees their right to keep fishing. To retain their trade with its many dangers in the sea and at risk out of it, they will have to fight together to enforce their right. Uno de ellos es Francisco.

He was offering a sermon when a group of soldiers burst into his Christian school, and asked him to lead a military coup in Rios is called upon to testify before Guatemalan justice and is confronted by a group of Mayan Ixiles, orphans and widows of the war. Francisco is among of them.

La amante prohibida del jefe

How that tradition from so far come to be establish in Iztacalco, one of the most oldest towns in Mexico? It tells the inner maturing process that Jaime faces as he decides between keeping this lifestyle or becoming a family man. Lorenzo Mora Sonido Sound: Pedro is a transvestite farmer who defends his identity and his dreams. His sister Esther strives for a better future for her daughter as she shares her world through the lens of her small camera.

They live in El Remolino, a tiny riverside community in Chiapas, Mexico, that is affected by strong floods every year. To them, life is like a swirl that spins them across the journey of their internal cycles and of the greater natural cycle of the river. Sergio Santiago Sonido Sound: Oswaldo Vigas, a renowned Venezuelan painter, returns, in his eighties to the towns where he was raised, searching for a painting that was lost during his teenage years. If he finds it, he and his wife, Jeannine, will be able to complete an exhibition about the early stages of his career.

This search becomes more than an opportunity to revisit the early influences on his art. During this exploration, he is confronted with a chapter of his youth that marked him for the rest of his life and defined him as a human being and as a creator. With testimonies from scientists, researchers, activists, politicians and civilians, this documentary confronts a transcendental topic: The uncontrolled exploitation of the natural resources in a Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The directors narrate the transformation process of this region into the number one tourist destination in Mexico and the Caribbean, it is a time bomb because of inadequate planning and poor execution of the environmental protection laws, such as the discharging of sewage water into the ocean and aquifers, the deterioration of the beaches, uncontrolled deforestation, the destruction of historical and paleontological patrimony, irreplaceable damage to the habitat of protected and endangered species such as the Jaguar and the negative effects of the industrial activities as mining.

HT Films Reparto Cast: Pablo Guichet Reparto Cast: Este documental analiza el mito que se ha construido en torno a su persona y explora la figura de un hombre con una vida llena de luces y sombras. Documentary about this controversial figure, repudiated by many and praised by others, Cortes has been the subject of the writing thousands of pages about his life and the military task for which he is known: This documentary explores the myth that was created around him and tries to explain a man with a life full of shadows and lights.

Jorge, Omar, Lalo and Moy love football, but many reasons have kept them away from this sport, they meet and decide to make their own team and compete to be a part of the National Team and play in the Rio Olympic Games. The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park is a film that celebrates the every day life of a group of First Nations, exiles from the Canadian reserves, who, over a fleeting summer, occupy a municipal park in Vancouver. Through direct participation in the filmmaking process, the day to day becomes a ritualistic space in the struggle to overcome historical and ongoing hardships.

Through his investigations I found out about his memorable life and the situation he lived in, how he witnessed a fresh and successful film industry go down in the hands of the movie theatre monopoly owner William O. Jenkins, perhaps we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. Jaime Villa Sonido Sound: Gabriel and Esther are two children who live in a boarding school for low-income families.

La despedida de ‘Scandal’ – Español

Between games, lessons, dreams, fights and friends who become brothers, they learn that being away from their family is their only chance to have an education and shape a future. Andrea Bilbao Sonido Sound: When I turned 33 years-old, my mother told me that my father, during the Salvadorian Civil War had been captured and tortured for 33 days by the National Police. Two years later I had the courage to ask him and other men and women who had shared those days. These people do not ask for revenge, all that they ask for is for the truth to be known.

In the remote San Felipe desert and parts of the San Pedro Martir Sierra, the Kiliwa indigenous tribe tells us the extraordinary tale of their past and present: The roots of the Baja California culture.

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Through the portrait of the last five native speakers, and some other Kiliwa indians who live in the territory and abroad, we explore their existence, future and what could be their last legacy to humanity: Living in harmony with nature. A young filmmaker makes a documentary about the life of woman living in the streets of Mexico City.

In the attempt to gather the fragments of the stories told by this peculiar character who goes from moments of lucidity to insanity, we are shown the development of their relationship: The story of an encounter. Their lifestyle, the stories that have marked their skin and souls, and their belonging to a region where there is neither mainland nor fresh water, but remains their native land and the place where they want to live and die. Hay promesas imposibles de cumplir. Siempre hay fraternidades que establecen misteriosas complicidades. There are promises that are impossible to keep.

My uncle Jose made such a promise as a child in to my mother Ana Luisa, to whom he declared a special kind of devotion. There are always bonds like this between siblings establishing mysterious complicites. This is what Jose declared to little Ana Luisa: Theres a relationship between the size of sidewalks and the level of democracy in a country. The documentary shows current deficiencies in our current mobility culture and also the different associations in charge of making a change in the city.